Some dogs from us / owned by us have been involved in advertising :-)

First we will show you the Gentleman, he works here for Kid Interiør

Here he has a break with Susanne
You get thirsty after work
Also you have to pee
Next dog is :
Toffe Loffe`s Diamond Dady
Owner : Bernhardlundens Kennel, Sweden

And then we have : Toffe Loffe`s Ozzy, working for KID INTERIØR

Owner : Eva Frank, Sweden

The next dog is Toffe Loffe`s Belive in Bellafonte, he was in a television program

Owner : Vibeke Pedersen

 And one dog from us are on a mug : Toffe Loffe`s Go-Go Gigolo
  Owner : Renate Thorsen

And then we have our Madonnan`s Sergant, he was on X-Factor on TV 2, Norway :-)
Preben & Ravi :-)
We just love this male <3