We bought this house in 2011, much has changed, and we're not quite finished.
Here you see two images, the first you see how it was divided before, on the other you can see we have removed the doors, sealed doors and moved the doors :-)




In these pictures you can see pictures from before we bought it and started with the renovation

Some working pictures so you can see that we are WORKING :-) :-)

I like this so much :-)

A little bit dark picture :-)

Pictures are taking  - 28.8.2011

The color of our kitchen .........

Roofs, walls and floors again .............

Her you can see the two color in our bedroom

Thanks Silvia for the good idea :-) :-)

Pictures are taking  - 18.8.2011

Pictures are taking  - 6.8.2011

 This is on Susanne`s door
Thank you Silvia for making this :-) :-)

This is on the door in to our puppy room
                      Thank you Silvia for making this :-) :-)

Dinner room / living room

Dinner room / living room

Dinner room / living room

TV - room

Pictures are taking  - 29.7.2011

Jan Erik & Alexander has been working a lot

Soon we can start with the kennels

Pictures are taking  - 23.7.2011

 Finnaly you can see Susanne`s new room :-)

TV - room

Dinner room / living room

A lot has been done - pictures are taking today - 6.7.2011

Bedroom 3

Bedroom 2

 And then Jan Erik start at the kitchen

TV room and dining room

Day tree - 2.7.2011

Lilli, my best friend for many years :-)

Susanne has closed the door, it will not open until she is finished there

Day two - 1.7.2011

Bedroom 3 TV room

Day one - 30.6.2011
Alexander are klining bedrom 1
Bedroom 1 Bedroom 2

Melina is helping us :-)

Here we will build our new kennel

you see pictures of the house before we bought it

 Out side will we not do so much before next summer :-)

 This is one of the bed room, from to day we call it bedrom 1

And this is bed room 2

Bed room 3

Here you see the TV room and dining room

This is outside the kitchen, bathroom & exit doors

The kitchen

And then the bathroom