On the way to Bergen 13.4.2012


September 2011

Stryn Mountain

This pictures is taking a place called Styri

14.4.2011 Fløyta

14.4.2011 on the way to Eidsvoll

15.11.2010 Out side our door :-) (Kirkenær)

Denmark 25.10.2010

Holland 24.10.2010

Fishguard, England 23.10.2010

Pictures from our trip to Bergen 18-19.2010
As always raining in Bergen :-(


On the way home we got sunshine :-)

15.10.2010 - Fløyta - I realy like this place

Back to nature !!!!!!

Fløyta - Eidsvoll 5.9.2010

Odal 29.8.2010

Østmark - Swden 28.8.2010

Mora - Sweden 28.8.2010

IRLAND 14.8.2010

This picture are taking 27.7.2010

This pictures are taking 24.7.2010

This pictures are taking 13.6.2010



Pictures are taking 5.6.2010

Pictures are taking 3.6.2010

Picture are taking 27.5.2010

This pictures are taking out side our house - 19.5.2010

Pictures taking at a place called Våler :-)

So beautiful :-)

Picture taking at Oppaker gaard - you can see the lavo :-)

This pictures is from a place called Brandval. I was driving car and just take them .......


This picture has Jan Erik taked, this is Dovre mounten

Her are some pictures taking when I was driving to Sweden - this is Finnskogen